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8ft Gondola Shelving (Large)

Manufacturer: Kent Unlimited


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General Specifications

UPRIGHTS: Made of two piece roll formed special chemistry 12 Gage steel. Each component is roll formed with integral hardboard grooves to eliminate additional pieces and present a smooth configuration, without sharp edges. Components are joined by projection welds at approximately 6" intervals. Faces are slotted with 3/8" x 3/4" rectangular punches spaced at 1" increments for maximum shelf adjustability. The upright base section is slotted for maximum interlocking strength of the base shoe. Uprights have a base adjuster with a hardened steel sleeve nut and a 3/8-16 x 2" commercial leveling bolt. Uprights are supplied in both standard 2.5 or Heavy Duty 3.0 types, in one piece lengths from 35 1/4" to 119 1/4", in 6" increments. The 3.0 Series is also supplied in extra heavy duty form, with a reinforced base. A special steel “H” channel reinforces the upright base on the extra heavy 3.0 “KR” uprights.

SHOES: Shoes are made of two formed 18 GA steel sections spot welded to form a strong base member. Shoes are supplied in two series, standard and heavy duty. All shoes have 3/8-16 x 3-3/4" steel leveling bolts with screwdriver slotted tops, for ease of adjustment during installation.

1. Standard Shoes: Supplied in 5" and 8" heights and 12" through 30" lengths with 3" increments. The standard shoes have a 10 Gage steel attachment bracket riveted in place to lock the shoe to the upright. The shoe fronts have a 15 degree back slope to allow toe kick space under the base shelf fronts. The shoes can be easily removed by tapping out the locking pin, knocking the shoe upward and rotating it away from  upright face.
2. Straight Insertion Low Base HD Shoes: Two 4-7/8" formed 18 gauge steel ‘C’ channels with embossed separators, gusset reinforced edge forms and high strength steel attachment brackets, welded with a controlled automatic spot welder. The twin High Strength Steel attachment brackets provide the maximum mechanical strength and locking force to the upright. A spring loaded sliding lock clip is provided to lock the attachment to the upright without any additional pin or bolt. The shoe fronts have a 2" setback to allow toe kick space under the base shelf fronts.

TIE BARS: Hemmed and roll formed 22 Gage steel channel, easily attached and locked into uprights, using the mushroom shaped tie-bar attachment tabs.

EMBOSSED KICKPLATES: One piece roll formed 22 Gage steel, with embossed ribs for increased strength. Can also be supplied as snap-in.

LOCKING TOP CAP: One piece roll formed 22 Gage steel, with hemmed edges to prevent sharpness and with integral channels to hold the 1/4" Back Panels in place. Each end locks to an upright by lanced tabs.

UPRIGHT CAP: One piece 22 Gage steel, snaps into the upright window slots.

BASE SHELVES: Roll-formed 22 Gage steel body, ends reinforced with two 18 Gage steel angles and reinforced with roll-formed steel hat sections, to provide a durable flat surface. The base shelf rear section has a roll formed integral channel to retain the back panels and to hold the base in place. Base shelf fronts are offered in a 1 1/4" angle front design or an integral roll formed tag molding. Tag molding base shelves are rolled in two different styles, an ADA 55 degree Up-tilt tag for easy reading without stooping and a standard position tag molding. The base shelves are supplied in 24", 30", 36" and 48" lengths and depths of 12" to 30" in three inch increments.

UPPER SHELVES: Roll-formed 22 Gage steel body, with 12 Gage steel brackets and reinforced with roll-formed steel hat sections, to provide a durable flat surface. The brackets have 1" adjustable straight insertion and drop-in attachments, with straight and 15° down-tilt positions. Shelves are supplied in either 11⁄4" angle front or standard tag molding styles, perforated or non-perforated. Perforations are three row diamond 1" on center, located at the front and rear section of the shelves and accept standard binning wires and dividers. Upper shelves are supplied in 24", 30", 36" and 48" lengths and in 2" depth increments from 9" to 27". Molding Style shelves can be be supplied with downtilt molding for easy reading without stretching.

FINISHING: Five Standard colors are offered, and special color powder coatings are available. Powder coating provides a durable long lasting finish. The Powder coating system uses hybrid or polyester resin formulations designed for wear resistance, impact adhesion and durability, that has been proven in the industry and in the field. All components are pretreated with adhesion promoters and rust inhibitors, prior to the applied finish, for maximum durability.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: All steel frame construction, modular sections; knock down parts easily installed without skilled help or special tooling. Straight insertion, drop-in style brackets for easy attachment to uprights, hardboard back panels peg or plain slide in place, floating kickplates for flush fit to floor. Integral shelf bracket design allows each shelf to be removed, adjusted to various heights or tilted down without disturbing any other shelves and without any other special brackets.

BACKPANELS: Backpanels are of 3/16” or 1/4” MDF board coated with water based paints with scratch resistance. Perforated backpanels are 1/4” MDF with 9/32” Diameter holes at 1” on Center for Peg hook attachment, and plain backpanels are 3/16” MDF.

WIDE-SPAN/ULTRA-SPAN DECKS & SHELVES: Are of 5/8” IPB with polyurethane coating to seal the surfaces.