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FAST-TRAK® Indoor Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Combo With Matching Refrigeration Systems

Manufacturer: Norlake


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• Unlimited lengths in 1′ increments
• Available in widths of 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′ & 12′
• Heights: 6’7″, 7’7″ and 8’7″ with floor, 7’4″ and 8’4″ floorless for single compartment and combinations
• Heights: 7’7″ and 8’7″ combination with floor freezers and less floor coolers with 4-3/8″ foam sealers
• Indoor or outdoor models
• Available with Split-PakTM remote refrigeration systems or Capsule PakTM self-contained systems (systems ordered separately; Capsule Pak systems applicable to single compartment walk-ins under 14′ in length)
• Temperatures: +37 ̊F, -10 ̊F
• Full 4″ thick panels foamed-in-place with EPA-compliant polyurethane insulation
• 26 gauge corrosion resistant stucco embossed coated steel on all surfaces except interior floor
• Smooth aluminum interior floor (models with floor)
• Floorless models supplied with NSF listed vinyl sealers
• 26″, 30″ or 36″ wide self-closing doors
• Deadbolt locking handle with independent key/padlock feature and inside safety release
• Two heavy duty cam-lift hinges per door, top hinge field adjustable with locking set screw
• Spring loaded hinge
• Spring actuated door closer
• Magnetic gasket
• Combination digital thermometer and light switch
• Floor double sweep gasket
• Perimeter door heater wire
• Heated air vents standard in freezer door sections
• High output low profile LED light positioned above door to prevent interference with shelving or product
• NSF listed, UL flame spread 25 or less for all foam cores on all panels; UL electrical listing on door sections
• UL & C-UL electrical listing on refrigeration systems*
• UL NCKL listed certifying compliant walk-ins are ignition protected
• City of Houston listed
• CN UL flame spread listed
• California State listed
• Oregon State listed
• USDA accepted
• 15 year panel warranty
• 18 months parts and labor warranty


(Most options available two weeks from receipt of order. Please contact us for specific questions.)

  • Outdoor membrane roof systems
  • Door rain hoods
  • Interior and/or exterior 30″ high stainless steel or aluminum diamond tread door kick plates
  • Exterior ramp for floor models
  • Interior ramps (30″ & 36″ wide) for floor models
  • Leak detector/alarm (may be a requirement in some
  • Extra LED lights (shipped loose)
  • Strip curtains (shipped loose)
  • Non-skid floor strips (shipped loose)
  • Shelving systems
  • 1-5/8″ screed for use with 5/8″ tile after walk-in
  • 14″ x 24″ viewport

Walk-in Specifications

Fast-Trak walk-ins are built of modular panels, and are insulated with foamed-in-place EPA- compliant polyurethane insulation. Each panel is designed to ensure ease of installation, long term reliability and high insulating efficiency.

A. All panels are manufactured with male and female mating rails to ensure proper alignment during installation. The polyurethane insulation wraps around the return bend metal seams on both sections to create a lightweight panel of exceptional strength and durability. All panels are a full (4) inches thick and provide a superior insulating value.


Panels to be four (4) inches thick, metal clad and foamed-in-place with EPA-compliant polyurethane insulation.

The R-values for 4" HFO panels are:
• Cooler:
Walls/Ceilings............R-value 25
Doors.........................R-value 25
• Freezer:
Walls/Ceilings............R-value 32
Doors.........................R-value 32
Floors.........................R-value 28

B. The foamed-in-place cam locking fasteners ensure an airtight seal for maximum energy efficiency.

C. Fast-Trak panel gaskets around the outer perimeter of the panel are continuous, without cuts or breaks at corners. Because gaskets are foamed-in-place as an integral part of the panel, they cannot fall off or pull off during shipment or installation.

D. Panels lock together tightly to assure an energy efficient walk in.

E. Edge caps for ends of floor and ceiling panels are foamed-in place rather than overlapped or mechanically fastened. Edge caps cannot come loose, and they stay in place through the life of the walk-in.

F. Panel Finishes: Interior and exterior complete to be 26 gauge corrosion resistant stucco embossed coated steel. Models supplied with a floor will include a smooth aluminum interior floor surface.


Door sections are factory tested to assure proper fit, performance and alignment. All doors feature a stepped profile design that serves as a barrier to air flow which results in an energy efficient door system.

Each Fast-Trak Remote walk-in compartment is equipped with a 26", 30" or 36" wide door opening. The height of the door opening varies with the series of Fast-Trak walk-in ordered. The 45 Series has a 59" high door, the Standard Series (6'7" high) has a 66" high door opening and the 74 and 77 Series Fast-Trak walk-ins have a 78" high door opening. The door is self-closing, flush mounted, infitting and constructed to incorporate heavy duty, molded ABS breaker which is permanently foamed-in-place.

Doors are available with right or left side hinges and include two field adjustable cam-lift hinges with locking set screw, top hinge spring loaded, spring actuated door closer, NL9800 deadbolt locking handle with independent key/padlock feature and inside safety release. The doors are pre-hung in a four foot wide frame panel which is equipped with replaceable perimeter heater wire, magnetic stainless steel trim, digital thermometer, above door LED light fixture and switch with exterior pilot indicator light.

The door section is completely pre-wired within concealed conduit inside the door frame panel. 120/60/1 electrical is field wired to a junction box which is surface mounted on the interior frame above the LED light fixture. Door sections are 4" thick, metal clad and foamed-in-place with EPA- compliant polyurethane insulation.

Hinges and door handle are mounted to 1/2" synthetic insulated tapping plates. Each door section is complete with a fiberglass reinforced plastic heated threshold.

Floor Construction

Floor panels (when supplied) are similar in construction to the wall panels except they are made to withstand uniformly distributed floor loads of up to 800 pounds per square foot. The interior floor metal is smooth aluminum.

The 74 Series floorless models are supplied with a patented vinyl floor sealer to stop conductivity at floor level. This unique sealer sits flat on existing floors and fits tightly against the interior/exterior wall panels. The walk-in wall panel is supported on the shoulder of the sealer so the foam edge is free of compressing weight. The vinyl floor sealer is NSF listed.


• Split-Pak systems feature condensing unit and evaporator coil sized to fit requirements
• All components are pre-wired and factory assembled on a galvanized steel angle leg base
• Horsepower ranges from 1/2 to 6 H.P.
• Condensing units are provided with factory pre-mounted and wired time clocks in both medium and low temp versions
• Evaporator coils are ready to mount in position and are available in air (off cycle) defrost for coolers and electric defrost for freezers
• Each coil is also furnished with a pre-installed expansion valve and room thermostat mounted and wired
• Electric defrost coils feature defrost termination-fan delay controls and drain line heaters
• Standard energy efficient EC motors