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Hoshizaki KML-325

Manufacturer: Hoshizaki

Model: KML-325MAJ, KML-325MWJ, KML-500MAJ, KML-500MWJ

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Individual crescent cube
Stainless steel evaporator
CycleSaverTM design
• KML-325: Up to 385 lbs. of ice production per 24 hrs.
• KML-500: Up to 543 lbs. of ice production per 24 hrs.
• Durable stainless steel exterior
• Protected by H-GUARD Plus
Antimicrobial Agent
• EverCheckTM alert system
• Removable air filters (Air-cooled model only)
• R-404A Refrigerant

Available on bins:
B-250PF, B-500PF/SF, B-700PF/SF, B-800PF/SF, B-900PF/SF, B-1150SS, B-1150SS, B-1300SS, B-1500SS*, B-1650SS*, DB-200H, DM-200B
Top kit may be required. See Bin Spec Sheets. *Two unit application only.
3 Year Parts & Labor on entire machine. 5 Year Parts & Labor on Evaporator.
5 Year Parts on Compressor; air-cooled condenser coil.
Valid in United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories. Contact factory for
warranty in other countries.

Operating Limits

• Ambient Temp Range 45 - 100°F
• Water Temp Range 45 - 90°F
• Water Pressure 10 - 113 PSIG
• Voltage Range 104 - 127V


• Allow 6” (15 cm) clearance at rear, sides, and top for
proper air circulation and ease of maintenance/service.
• Removable air filters (air-cooled model only).


• Icemaker Water Supply Line: Min. 1/4” Nominal ID Copper Water Tubing
or Equivalent
• Icemaker Drain Line: Min. 3/4” Nominal ID Hard Pipe or Equivalent
Water-Cooled Model (Lines Must Be Independent of Icemaker)
• Condenser Water Supply Line: Min. 1/4” Nominal ID Copper Water
Tubing or Equivalent
• Condenser Drain/Return Line: Min. 1/4” Nominal ID Hard Pipe (open
drain system) or Copper Water Tubing (closed loop system) or

Water Filter

Please refer to water filter spec sheet for recommended configurations.